What is a Good Elo Booster?

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    If you are looking for the thrill of getting ahead and winning in the League of Legends, you must have heard of Elo boosting. The trick lies in getting a good Elo booster. How do you know one?

    • An elo booster should be a strong leader

    An elo booster should be able to make quick decisions based on a deep understanding of the game. A strong leader will be making the right decisions at the right time to deploy superior tactics for example engaging, retreating, setting traps, or when to rush Dragon. Making the right decisions at the right time improves your team’s chances by a great deal.

    • He is great at creep slain (CS).

    This is a mechanic improvement to up the performance. Your booster should have a variety of tactics like zoning by freezing a lane to keep it from being used by the opponent’s side, and creep slain under turret.

    • He can identify a good champion

    Some of the good champions are Lucian, Katarina and Jarvan IV.  These champions have their own Meta lol elo boosting. Some of these champions use Fiddlesticks and Amumu when boosting.  Your Elo booster should pick mid lane and jungle positions.

    • He avoids free damage

    This prevents losing HP. This is because when you get free damage, you lose the power to creep slain properly. Your Elo booster should seek to balance minion slaying and lane changing instead of free damage.

    • He can snowball in League of Legends

    Your Elo booster should know how to stall the enemy team and how to pile huge pressure on them whenever there is a chance. This gives a better advantage. The elo booster will affect more than the lane he is on. For example, when he puts a lot of pressure on an enemy jungler, the jungler will be forced to babysit his lane. If the booster does not do this, he could lose the top lane turret or be forced to roam the mid and enemy sections of the jungle.  Piling pressure comes in handy when fighting more than one enemy. A mid lane booster is able to roam and affect other lanes which helps carry the game.

    Why use an elo booster?

    Let’s face it, not all players are equally gifted. Elo boosting gives you the chance to play on a level that is higher than the one you are on.  The good thing is that when you play on a higher level you will be forced to up your game which makes you a better player.

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